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Notice: We will be closed Monday, January 16th as it's a postal holiday. We will still be taking orders and will resume shipping the following day.

Update: A new Tasmanian crop will be stocked and available on Monday, January 9th. Our prize seeds for the year, however, will soon be selected from among a number of fresh new harvests, the best of which will be selected and added to the menu no later than Feb 25th. These will be fresh from the farm, brand new 2017 stock and will arrive by Feb 25th. (Possibly sooner.) We will keep you posted once we confirm more. Please don't write in and ask when new seeds will be available as we will update our site the very minute we have new information to share.

Please note: If you need your packages to be held at your local post office until you can pick them up, then please write "HOLD AT POST OFFICE" before your name when entering your name and shipping information while checking out.




NOTICE: Please use express mail at your own risk. There's simply no way that we can guarantee that USPS's express mail will be delivered on time. 

Priority express IS NOT the same as next day delivery. The exact amount of time that delivery will take will vary from place to place. For some, express mail will take longer than one day for delivery. If you need to estimate shipping time before purchasing, the post office website might be useful to you: 


Priority express is designed to be faster shipping but can sometimes take the same amount of time as regular priority mail depending on various factors, including location, traffic, weather and delivery volume.


$64.98 5 lbs Tasmanian Special Reserve w/ USPS Express Mail Shipping