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Notice: We will be closed Monday, January 16th as it's a postal holiday. We will still be taking orders and will resume shipping the following day.

Update: A new Tasmanian crop will be stocked and available on Monday, January 9th. Our prize seeds for the year, however, will soon be selected from among a number of fresh new harvests, the best of which will be selected and added to the menu no later than Feb 25th. These will be fresh from the farm, brand new 2017 stock and will arrive by Feb 25th. (Possibly sooner.) We will keep you posted once we confirm more. Please don't write in and ask when new seeds will be available as we will update our site the very minute we have new information to share.

Please note: If you need your packages to be held at your local post office until you can pick them up, then please write "HOLD AT POST OFFICE" before your name when entering your name and shipping information while checking out.



(All orders are shipped via. USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail, both with package tracking. All prices are total and include taxes and shipping costs.  You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you place your order. You will receive your tracking numbers shortly after your order has been shipped. Please allow adequate time for USPS to update your shipping info. Delays in shipping info/tracking info are common and don't necessarily mean that your order hasn't shipped. New customers, be sure to keep your eye on your junk folders, that's sometimes where tracking numbers end up. )

ALL ORDERS PLACED BEFORE 3PM EST WILL BE SHIPPED SAME DAY MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY.  All orders placed after the cut off time on any given day will be shipped on the next available workday.

We do accept money orders, as well as Postal money orders, available at your local post office. Please make them out to:

The Nodding Turtle LLC

P.O. Box 8938

Asheville, Nc. 28814 (customer service)




European Special Reserve Poppy Seeds:

European Special Reserve were an exceptional find and we've been very pleased to have been able to add them to the menu. These are a non-Spanish, non-Dutch variety. Organic, unwashed and non-treated. The best seeds make the best soaps!


OUT OF STOCK! ...European Special Reserve should return sometime in February with brand new, fresh from the farm 2017 stock!



Tasmanian Special Reserve poppy seeds: 


Tasmanian Special Reserve



 This Tasmanian Variety was selected from among many harvests from 2016 and was the best quality seed we could find from current international markets/2016 crops. We will carry it for several weeks at a reduced price while awaiting 2017's best quality, "fresh from the farm" harvests to arrive sometime in February.


Tasmanian Special Reserve

Price includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping.